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Competent Person Training Program Kits

Active Image“Do-it-yourself” Safety Training Kits (Competent Person)

Save up to 90% of your training costs by doing it yourself!

SafetyHead, Inc provides complete safety training kits for the company that wants to train, evaluate and provide documentation for its own employees. The packages contain everything needed to fully satisfy OSHA safety training requirements.

Along with the up-to-date training material, SafetyHead, Inc provides an easy to use “training presentation” which contains requirements information along with plenty of pictures for easy understanding. If you don’t have access to a computer, don’t worry. The kit also contains a written training manual which guides you (the trainer) through the training process. And best of all its all OSHA-compliant.

Now you don’t have to spend a large amount of money, waste a day of travel and sit through an eight hour “train-the-trainer” class, its all right here. Simply purchase the program, read the material, and then start your training.

These kits are OSHA-compliant, very easy to use, and allow you to train your workers “on site.”
No TV’s, projectors, or classrooms are needed!

Call to place your order: 912-966-9858 or direct line at: 404-354-0244



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